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The cultivation of seeds has a strong quality focus, in every phase of production. Espacialy for foundation and basic seeds. The end result demands optimum conditions for seed drying and storage.

The people at Agratechniek are familiar with all the aspects of seed and legume cultivation. They have been developing, producing and installing drying systems that contribute to the quality of such products as seed and legumes for more than 30 years. Our customized designs in handling and storage technology are always carefully harmonized with the requirements and wishes of our demanding customers. Listening to customers is the very basis for our perfection.
"We understand each other - and that works!"


Seed drying

Agratechniek BV is specialized in seed drying-, processing- and seed storage installations for all kinds of seed. We provide all different kinds of drying installations for seed. The drying of seed can be done in boxes or in trays, depending on the amount. Fluid bed drying and static drying are different possibilities for the drying of seed. The dryer consist of a special processor  to dry the seed automatically to the desired moisture value.    

A list of different drying installations:

Continuous box dryers
With the continuous box dryer every box containing seed is dried individually. Using this method the seed boxes can be placed in and removed from the dryer independently. The drying can therefore start the moment the box is filled with seed. The desired drying can be programmed for each individual box. The drying will stop at the moment the desired moisture content is reached.
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Drying with the Continuous seed dryer

Static box dryers
Drying boxes are a practical drying method for seed. The seed in the boxes are placed in front of a air-distribution system. The boxes are made in a way, so that every box is dried individually; Air goes trough the seed separated by layers and every box has its own exit. The layer thickness is never more then the box. The space is used optimal, there the boxes are piled up. The installations can be delivered as mobile units and eventually placed outside. Solid seed drying installations can be placed in almost every existing (and new) room.
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Static seed dryer

Separated box dryers
The separated box dryer is a combination of the static box dryer and the continuous box dryer. With this type of seed drying installation the boxes are placed in a construction and separately against an air distribution system. By an AMU air is sucked trough a ventilator and separated through the box layers by an blow-out gap. Every gap is provided with a mechanical valve.
When the box with seed is placed, the sliding door for the air is opened automatically.
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Sperarated seed box dryer
Mobile draw dryers
This dryer or ventilator can be used to dry or ventilate small amounts of (basic)seed. The dryer consist of a few drawers in which trays containing seed can be placed. An ventilator sucks heated or stipulated air and divides it among the trays. By this way the small amounts of seed get dried perfectly.
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Tray dryers or ventilators
Thise dryer or ventilator can be used for drying or ventilating small amounts of (basic) seed. The seed dryer consist of a standing cabinet in which drying trays with seed can be placed. A ventilator sucks heated and conditioned air and spread this over the trays with seed. When the tray is placed a sliding door at the entrance gap is automatically opened. By this entrance gap air is separated around the tray and blown through the seed. By this way the seed is dried in small amounts optimally.
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Cabinet drying

There are also cabinet dryers from Agratechniek. With the cabinet dryer you can dry small to average amounts of seed (film coated, pelleted etc.) fast and controlled. Here you find two kinds of cabinet dryers. For more information please visit the website about cabinet drying for seeds.  

A list of cabinet drying installations:

Cabinet dryers with trays
With the cabinetdryer you can dry small to average amounts of seed (film coated, pelleted etc.) fast and controlled. A processor provides an optimal drying process. While the heated or dried air takes care of the transport of moisture. The seed can be dried statically or in a flu´d bed.
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Cabinet dryers with canisters
With the rotationdryers the wet seed is caught in special canisters. The canisters are placed in the cabinetdryer. The cabinetdryer is fitted with a tray with rollers. 3x 2 canisters can be placed on these rollers. A ventilator sucks air from above and creates pressure below. Underneath every canister there is a small gap. Because of the pressure from below, air gets sucked through the gap and through the canisters with seed.
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Drying regulation

The balance between temperature, relative humidity and ventilation is important when drying and storing seed. This requires constant measurement and control - Agratechniek offers reliable process-control technology. With the different regulators and processors from Agratechniek you can program and manage the drying process optimal.
Experience of users: the more advanced installations are found to be the most efficient in practice.

A list of different processors:

Optimal drying of (foundation and basic) seeds also demands a perfect control system to regulate the drying process. The Agra-Air-Control system makes this possible. It is a reliable microprocessor-controlled system that sends signals to the user and reacts to different situations promptly and alertly. This ensures that the quality of the (foundation and basic) seeds remains as high as possible.
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The Agra-Dry-Control (ADC) is a processor with an LCD touch screen. The ADC can be applied for multiple controllers of drying processes and the conditioning of air. The ADC is marked by a couple basic configurations and regulations.
More about the Agra-Dry-Control


Controller to dry seed automaticaly when the condition of the extracted air is suitable for drying. The absolute moisture of the extracted air will be compared continuously to the outgoing air of the seed. The drying will only take place when the absolute moisture of the extracted air is lower than the outgoing air (or not too low in very dry conditions). The drying installation will only run with the right air conditions, so it will save a lot of time and energy-costs. It will also save extra cost for final drying at the seed company.
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You can use the Agra-Controllers to regulate every dryinginstallation separately. The controllers are linked to a PC interface via a network cable. Our Agra-Central-Control software makes all the climatological control facilities available on your PC.
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Seed pdf to find more information about our delivery program as PDF leaflets.

Agratechniek is specialized in every aspect of the seed process. We provide installations for Seed drying, Seed cleaning, Seed treatment and Seed packaging. By choosing the right process for every seed, the quality remains. For every kind of seed we have made a selection of installations. There are vegetable seed, flower seed and grain and other seed.
We have specialized us in multiple processes, these can be viewed on special websites. Information about seed colour sorting, seed pelleting, seed packaging, hot water treatment for seed, seed washing machines and seed calibration